Krios International started in 2015 with a simple idea. The growing Chinese market and the increasing Chinese overseas investments are creating enormous opportunities for companies and individuals within the food and beverage industry. Taking advantage of these opportunities, however, requires a combination of different skills, both technical and not, which are often not readily available in-house. Moreover, such skills vary greatly from case to case and in time, even for the same company or the same project.

It is therefore very difficult and often not cost-effective for companies, both big and small, to build and acquire the required expertise within the organisation. Considering the time element, and the quick timeframe in which today businesses have to operate, this often translates into lost opportunities.

Krios International operates in the food and beverage industry

Krios International aims at filling this gap by offering targeted and experienced advice to companies and individuals operating in the industry, both through ongoing long-term consultancies and by working on ad-hoc projects within a specific timeframe. The professionals of our network have extensive experience in their respective fields and share a common passion for food and beverage.

Our solutions encompass the industry as a whole, from products to services, from equipment to packaging, and range from strategy formulation and implementation to administrative and logistical support, from business consulting to on-site assistance. For every project, our skill sets and expertise are put together according to the client’s specific requirements, thus creating every time a unique recipe capable of ensuring the most efficient and effective use of time and resources.