In China


Business Scan
We conduct an assessment of your current operations and assist you in addressing your business needs, devising together the steps needed to improve your profitability and increase your market share.
Crisis Management
We act quickly and take all the measures needed to address immediate concerns, in circumstances where a quick band-aid is needed to solidify your business in the short term and prepare it for restructuring.
Brand & Marketing
We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your current branding and marketing, in order to identify opportunities to reposition your brand, target the right customers and better exploit market opportunities.
Business Development
We strengthen relationships with your sales team, agents or distributors, or help you find and train new local partners, in order to find, expand and maximise all business opportunities in the Chinese market.
We analyse your current supply chain and assist you in keeping under control service, quality and prices of strategic and occasional suppliers through negotiations, inspections, visits, sampling and on-site support.
Support Services
We offer assistance with translation and intepreting services, business trips, company visits, trade exhibitions, conferences, negotiations, as well as with administrative and procedural tasks.